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West Side Citizens Ask Mayor Busse to Segregate its Levee District.
City Executive Says It Will Investigate and He Awaits Report Before Acting.

An urgent plea for the segregation of the west side vice district was addressed to Mayor Busse yesterday by a score of business houses anxious for the commercial welfare of that section of the city. It will be referred to the vice commission with a suggestion that it may be considered as one of its first tasks.

"The petition is similar to that made by the elder Carter H. Harrison concerning North Clark street and adjoining territories," said Mayor Busse. "He was invited to investigate for himself, and after doing so the habitués of the district was ordered south to Dearborn street and Armour avenue.

Waits on Vice Commission

"But now we have the vice commission with its facilities for investigation, and I do not wish to go ahead in any way that may interfere with its plans. This district has been in existence for many years, and as I expect some recommendations from the commission in a short time I do not see that delay of action for a short time can do any harm."

The signatures to the petition included some of the most important business enterprises in that section directly west of the loop, among them being the following:

George P. Bent, & Co.
Durand & Kasper, Co.
L. Gould & Co.,
Federal Huber, Co.
Hirsch Bros., Co.
B. A. Railton C.,
Lake Street Mfg. Block Co.,
Adams & Eltin Co.,
Hollis & Duncan,
John M. Smyth Co.
Chicago Employers’ association.
Burkhartameier Bros.
American Loose Leaf Mfg. Co.,
Fred Resiz Paper Co.
Western Paper Box Co.,
Short Bros. Teaming Co.,
Thoms Bros., Co.,
F. H. Hill, Co.

Sees Big Boom at Hand

The petition, which was presented to the mayor by Attorney Percival Steele, states that real estate experts are generally of belief that the west side, and especially that portion of it near the new Northwestern station, is on the eve of a great industrial boom. The presence of a levee district in the section is given as the only thing which will interfere with this boom.


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