Chicago Tribune


[To the Editor of The Tribune.] — Nothing could be more unfair than the statement made in the Prohibition paper that THE TRIBUNE has shown an apparent disposition to check the white slave crusade and discredit the reports made by investigators.

In proof of this I might relate what has been heretofore an absolute secret between myself, Clifford Roe and THE TRIBUNE. A small group of Chicago business men, who had confidence in Mr. Roe’s ability and were determined to wage an aggressive crusade against the white slave traffic, agreed among themselves to engage Mr. Roe and to support him and such other assistants as he might need in carrying on the work which he had hitherto done so well in connection with the state’s attorney’s office. As one of that group I called upon several friends to assist me in raising the sum allotted as my share, and among others THE TRIBUNE. After thinking the matter over the editor of THE TRIBUNE expressed his keen interest in the movement and his desire to help in every way possible, and then latter suggested that, if our friends would agree to the proposal, he would be glad to have the expense of the entire investigation borne by THE TRIBUNE, stipulating only that no one other than myself and Clifford Roe should know the source from which this help came.

After consultation with Mr. Roe it seemed to us that the work could be more aggressively carried on under the agency proposed by THE TRIBUNE, Mr. Roe being positive in this opinion. The friends who were with me in the movement agreed to the change in plans, with the stipulation imposed, and the splendid result is well known to the public.

After the criticism that has been uttered against THE TRIBUNE, it is only fair for this statement to be made.



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