Chicago Tribune

To Appear Before Council Finance Committee and Urge Appropriation Recommended by the Mayor.

Health Commissioner Evans, the Very Rev. Walter T. Sumner, dean of the Cathedral SS Peter and Paul, and the Rev. Edward A. Kelly, pastor of St. Ann’s Catholic church will appear before the city council committee on finance this afternoon to speak in favor of an appropriation recommended for the vice commission by Mayor Busse Monday evening.

The mayor’s message to the council suggested a "small" appropriation, and it is expected that about $10,000 will be the amount asked by the committee, although the determination of the amount will be decided after the discussion with the finance committee.

The entire commission yesterday adopted a policy as opposed to publicity of its work. A press committee composed of Dean Sumner and Dr. Evans was named to give out any information the body deemed best.

Dean Sumner stated that several suggestions and requests for raids on resorts had been sent to the commission, but that he desired the public be notified that the commission was not a prosecuting agency or an administrative body. It will not make any suggestion as to the regulations or policies of the police department, and for that reason a suggestion for an endorsement of Chief Steward’s actions in prohibiting the sale of intoxicants in immoral places was tabled.


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