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Mayor Has 28 Names Under Consideration for Appointment.
Executive Says He Expects to Announce Membership This Week.

Mayor Busse may make public in a day or two the names of those who are to serve on his vice commission. He has under consideration the names of twenty-eight Chicagoans and expects to cut down this number to twenty-five. The investigating body is to be known as the "commission of twenty-five," and will study condition in the city relative to the social evil.

When completed the makeup of the commission will be as follows: Three or four Protestant ministers, three or four Roman Catholic ministers, three physicians, two or three women, one or two prominent Jews, six or eight representative business men, two alderman, three or four lawyers.

May Employ a Secretary

It is planned to supply a paid secretary for the commission, but this has not been determined definitely. In case such a position is created the secretary will have charge of directing the work of investigation the vice conditions in the south, north and west side levee districts.

It is the intention not to reveal any of the findings of the commission until the work has been accomplished and a complete report made to the council or the mayor.

"The movement is a good one," Mayor Busse said yesterday, "It is a businesslike step along the line of progress. I have received letters from a number of persons, many of them business men, commending the appointment of such a commission.

"I am planning to appoint the members of the commission this week, as I desire to get away from the city on private business. The commission will organize itself and outline its own policy."

Fifteen the Original Suggestion

According to the suggestion of Dean Sumner of Cathedral SS. Peter and Paul, made at a meeting of the Church Federation Council of Chicago, an organization of Protestant clergymen, the size of the commission was to be limited to fifteen. This number, however, was considered too small, after a conference with the mayor.

Dean Sumner brought the matter to public attention after a widespread condemnation of the south and west side levee districts.

The commission is to consider the practicability of segregating the vice districts and to make a set of general recommendations on vice conditions throughout the city, with possible suggestions of legislation by the city council.


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