Chicago Tribune


The commission proposed by representative clergymen to investigate the local conditions of the social evil has received the prompt approval of the mayor, and it no seems probable that for the first time in the history of the city this problem will be thoroughly considered. The mayor has indicated his intention to appoint a commission the personnel of which will insure an intelligent and constructive investigation and practicable recommendations.

THE TRIBUNE believes to be of the utmost importance. A commission composed of zealots and extremists might shake the community with the impact of their zeal, but it would secure few if any tangible and permanent results. What’s needed is a commission made up of well known citizens whose candor and humanity will no more be questioned that their sane judgment and broad information.

The subject matter of this investigation is the most terrible and most tragic. It exhibits humanity in its word and also its most pitiful aspects. The problems involved are as old as civilized society, their ramifications are as wide as our social organization and as deep as human nature.

It is not solution, therefore, but amelioration, correction and regulation that are to be hoped for from the labors of the commission. But the good that may be expected from a fearless inquiry into the local situation and a considered recommendation for practicable reforms hardly can be overestimated.


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