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Mrs. Emily M. Hill Will Call for Parade Recruits at Meeting This Afternoon.
Will Request Mayor and Police Chief to Enforce Laws to the Letter.

Ten thousand women will make a demonstration in front of the city hall against the segregated vice districts if the suggestion of Mrs. Emily M. Hill, president of the county organization of the Woman’s Christian Temperance union , meets with approval at the meeting of women to be held in the First Methodist church, Clark and Washington streets, this afternoon.

At a recent meeting of the officers of the Women’s Christian Temperance union the idea was first breached, and it was decided to ask the support of all of the religious organizations in the city in a move of that kind. Mrs. Hill said yesterday that she would bring the question up this afternoon.

It is the purpose of the women back of the proposed demonstration to enlist every religious body in Chicago in the fight against segregation of vice and traffic in women, and they will ask their women members to join them when they visit the city hall. The demonstration will be in the form of a monster parade, which will march to the city hall with banners flying and with the women composing it singing gospel hymns.

The parade will be exclusively of women and will be headed by a committee, which, it is intended, shall march into the city hall and to the offices of Mayor Busse and Chief of Police Steward. They will demand that the laws against vice be rigidly enforced.

Mrs. Hill, the originator of the idea, was also the first person to suggest the temperance parade in Chicago. The last parade — held Sept. 25 — had nearly 50,000 people in line.

Mrs. Hill Outlines Aims.

"It is the wish of the Woman’s Christian Temperance union to enlist every good woman in Chicago in the fight against vice," said Mrs. Hill during the day. "I believe that a demonstration on the street of Chicago and in front of the city hall would accomplish more than anything else toward arousing the women of the city to the enormity of the vice evil.

"We have good laws relating to the vice question. If they were enforced there would be so segregated vice districts. The regulation of vice is illegal, and that is the point that we wish to make plain to the mayor and chief of police. This fact has been brought to their attention before, but without result.

"It is hoped that when the mayor realizes that the good women of Chicago are unalterably opposed to police regulation of the traffic in women that he will take some action. The result may not be immediate, but the parade will at least have the effect of arousing public sentiment against the vice conditions in Chicago.

Women to March in Parade.

"The meeting tomorrow is a woman’s meeting and men will not take part in it. The parade will also be a woman’s parade.

"It has not yet been decided to hold the parade, and I cannot forecast how many women would march in it, if the idea meets with the approval of the meeting tomorrow. The more women in the parade the stronger the demonstration, so we would like to have as big a representation as possible. We have not decided upon a time for the parade. Women of every religious faith who believe in the obliteration of levee districts will be welcomed to take part.

"The attack upon traffic in women is considered by the organization of which I am president as an attack upon the saloon, because this vice is a direct result of the liquor traffic.

Mrs. Hill Sends Out Notice.

The following notice has been sent out by Mrs. Hill to church calendars and local weekly papers in connection with the meeting this afternoon:

"There is a call for an uprising of the good women of Chicago against the segregated red light districts. Such districts are in open violation of state laws and city ordinances, and should be closed. Girls are constantly dropping out of sight into these dens of iniquity and being lost forever. Come to the meeting and lend your influence for a better, cleaner, safer Chicago.

"The meeting will be held in the First Methodist church, Clark and Washington streets, on Monday, Jan.10, 1:45 p.m.

"Dr. Lena Kellogg Sadler, Dr. Mary V. Maxson, and Mrs. N. K. Clarkson will give short addresses.

Mrs Emily M. Hill, President.
    Dr. Mary V. Maxson, Supt. Purity Depart.

The meeting is one of a series of meeting which will be held under the direction of the Woman’s Christian Temperance union in the attack of the organization upon the segregation of vice.


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