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Methodist Pastors Say Segregation Licenses Crime.
White Slavery and Public Ills Blamed on System.

The regulation and segregation of vice were condemned yesterday by Methodist ministers of Chicago, in the weekly meeting. Resolutions declaring segregation to be in effect the licensing of crime were adopted on the recommendation of the public safety committee of the preachers.

The recent "clean up" orders of Chief Steward were not mentions, but the restriction of disorderly resorts within fixed limits, as directed by the head of the police department, was blamed for the white slave traffic. The police are censured roundly for their handling of the Gipsy Smithís march through the red light district was a great public service, said the Rev. M. B. Williams of Oak Park, who presented the resolutions.

"I donít see how any one in sympathy with the religion of Jesus Christ can think for an instant of favoring vice regulation," said the Rev. Mr. Williams, in bringing in the report.

Bitter Toward Segregation

"Segregation is the nucleus and backbone of the white slave traffic.

"Segregation provides a resort, refuge and hiding place for criminals and thugs of every description.

"Segregation is affiliated with gambling, bootlegging, opium, and cocaine joints.

"Segregation, with its red lights, its music and its other features tempts children and students.

"Segregation makes its baleful influence felt in business and politics and is a direct factor in all the criminal influence of a large city.

Regulation Called Unthinkable

The report adopted by the preachers contained the following:

"From the Christian standpoint it is no more thinkable to advocate the regulation of this evil than of murder, highway robbery, arson or any other crime of high magnitude.

"We demand the enforcement of the law relating to such evil resorts. Every such resort exists in defiance of the law of every state in the union.

"We maintain that the only proper endeavor of the police should be, not segregation, but extermination; not explaining the law away, but enforcing it, which indeed is their sworn duty.

Regulation and White Slavery

"We invite attention to the relation of the policy of vice regulation to the so-called white slavery. So long as these plague spots of concentrated villainy are permitted to exist the demand for women will continue and so long will this traffic continue to supply the demand.

"It is clear that with the abolition of the sequestration of vice this traffic must practically cease through becoming unremunerative."

The public safety committee submitting the report consisted of the Rev. Mr. Williams, the Rev. James Rowe, the Rev. M. M. Parkhurst, the Rev. W. O. Shepard, and the Rev. C. B. Mitchell.


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