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Representatives of Jewish Societies Discuss Campaign with Clifford G. Roe.
Warning of Inspector Healy Causes Many to Leave West Side Vice District.

Conferences between representatives of the various Jewish organization which are interesting themselves in the abolition of the white slave traffic in Chicago and Attorney Clifford G. Roe, who is investigating the evil in the city, were held yesterday and further plans laid for the campaign against vice.

The police, too, took new steps yesterday to help along in the regulation of the levee districts and a west side massmeeting of Jews passed resolutions denouncing conditions in the west side levee district. The massmeeting was under the auspices of the Ninth ward Jewish branch of the Socialist party. The speakers — G. T. Fraenckel, C. H. Slshel, Thomas J. Morgan and A. Littman — blamed the industrial and economic conditions for the prevalence of white slavery.

Criticise the Congregations

The police and the white slavers, especially Louis and Julius Frank, and even the Jewish congregations who are now heading the reform movement were criticised because they had not acted sooner.

A statement by Dr. Blaustein, preferring charges of negligence and indifference against the Daily Jewish Courier in warning the community against vice plague, is without foundation, according to the publisher, M. Ph. Ginzburg.

"The Courier has carried on a constant agitation against the abominable white slave traffic, warning of the dangers of this pest and of the pitfalls for the unwary," said Mr. Ginzburg. "The general agitation was always carried on from time to time; was given special impetus about two and one-half years ago, when the seeming spread of the plague warranted us, in conjunction with local civic and social reform organizations, to wage active warfare to keep it from spreading into the Jewish district and grasping in its nets Jewish victims.

"As early as April, 1907, and at frequent intervals after that there have appeared articles and editorials in an attempt to fight the evil."

Acts Against Tough Saloons

Inspector O’Brien has begun a campaign not only to regulate the resorts in the North side district, but to eliminate the tough saloons. Twenty-seven saloonkeepers were called into the Chicago avenue police station and told what they are to do in the way of conducting orderly places. The majority of the saloon men promised the Inspector that they would work with him in his regulation crusade.

Strict orders against allowing unescorted women in their places were given to the keepers and they were told that disobedience would result in the loss of their license. They were also told that the soliciting by women in saloons must stop. Warnings concerning music also were given. Only light music is to be allowed in saloons and that must be in rear rooms.

The men who profit from the earnings of disreputable women also are not to be allowed to hang around the saloons and rough characters in general are to be denied the privilege of making saloons their lounging places.

More than a dozen lodging house keepers on the north side also were call in by the inspector and told of the new plans of regulation.

Already the orders against women accosting men on the streets have almost ended the practice, it is said.

"I believe there will be little trouble in maintained order in the district," said the inspector during the day. "The resort keepers and all others concerned realize that they must help in this regulation work."

Many Leave West Side Levee

Inspector Healy’s efforts toward cleaning up the Desplaines street district are resulting in an exodus of undesirable characters from the levee. A number of men, according to investigators for the Jewish organizations which are waging war against the white slave traffic, have gone to the ghetto district farther south and are hiding in lodging houses under assumed names.

Mary Kane, keeper of a disorderly resort at 159 South Morgan street, was arrested in the afternoon by Detectives Mulvihill and O’Neill, who said she had been seen accosting men on the street. She was taken to the Desplaines street station and charged with keeping a disorderly resort.

Two keepers of disorderly places in the west side and three inmates arrested in raids Monday night were fined in the Desplaines street court and a third keeper demanded a jury trial.

"Professional escorts," who have been hindering the police with their campaign to keep unescorted women out of saloons in the south side district, were dealt a blow yesterday when Municipal Judge Beitler in the Harrison street court fined George A. Scott, $100. The man is an alleged "professional escort" for all women who go unaccompanied to a saloon in State street near Twenty-first street.


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