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Little Girls Tell in Court How They Were Lured to Resort.
Prosecutor Roe Expects to Convict Three Men and One Woman.

Two little girls, 16 years old, told in Municipal Judge Girten’s court yesterday pathetic stories of how they had been lured to a resort in South Chicago and held as white slaved in a house known as "The Silver Dollar." They accused Jacob Jacobson, who was arrested when Assistant State’s Attorney Roe and several detectives raided the place on July 12.

Jacobson’s trial is the first to be held in Chicago under the new amendment to the pandering law. Abraham Weinstein, proprietor of the resort; Jennie Sandusky, the housekeeper; and Louis Brodsky, who were arrested with Jacobson in the raid, are to be tried later on the same charge. Attorney Roe argued against giving each defendant a separated trail, but Judge Girten overruled him and Jacobson was placed on trial first.

The youthful prosecuting witnesses are Mary McConnell of 1242 Forty-second court and Adele Shubert of 1407 Forty-first street. On the witness stand they both broke down and wept several times during the examination.

Tells How They Were Lured

"I met Jacobson at Forest park on July 4," Mary McConnell said. "He was so nice that I told him he could call and see me. He did so on July 15, in company with Louis Brodsky. I introduced them to Adele Shubert and we all went downtown. Then we took a trip out to Blue Island, and they wanted us to drink beer, but we wouldn’t do it.

"They told us they were rich and wanted to marry us and take us to New York. They said they would give us lots of money and fine clothes and that we would never have to work any more. We thought it would be nice to get married and have pretty clothes and money, so we agreed to go with them.

"We were told we would have to go to South Chicago first. They took us there on the train and we were met at the station by Weinstein and the Sandusky woman and taken to the house. There they made us drink beer and took our clothes away from us."

Adele Shubert told practically the same story.

Mothers of Girls Testify

Both girls have been at the Harrison street annex. Attorney Roe said they were kept there because their mothers feared they would be kidnaped.

The mothers of the two girls also took the witness stand, and told how the girls left home in the company of Jacobson and Brodsky, ostensibly to go to a theater. They said their daughters always had been well behaved and always remained at home nights.

The amended law makes the employer of those luring girls into immoral places equally guilty with the agent, and fixes the punishment at a term in the house of correction and a heavy fine.

"These cases will be prosecuted vigorously," said Attorney Roe. "The evidence clearly is sufficient to convict Weinstein and the Sandusky woman, and I will ask for the full penalty for both under the new act. When these white slave traffickers see that the state’s attorney’s office means business we probably will see less of that nefarious trading."

Trail of the case against Jacobson will resume this morning.


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