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Citizens, Believing Inspector Victim of Plot, Volunteer Financial Aid.
Expresses Confidence West Side Levee Inhabitants Will Betray Conspiracy.

Belief that Inspector McCann is the victim of a deep laid plot as the result of his activities in cleaning out the vice in the west side district, yesterday caused a score of ministers, merchants, lawyers and other prominent citizens to volunteer financial and other aid in defending the accused police official from the charges made against him.

The offers of assistance came from all directions and many of them were from persons who the inspector said he had never met and knew only by reputation. As he was leaving the Criminal Court building. after he had given bonds in the last two indictments returned by the grand jury, a wealthy South Water Street merchant approached McCann.

"You donít know me," he said, "but I want to say that I believe you are an innocent man, and that these disorderly persons of the west side are trying to get your scalp. I have a few thousand dollars idle at present and if it will do you any good in putting up your defense you are welcome to it."

"I thank you just the same," replied the inspector, "but I am getting along all right and I donít think I will need any more assistance."

Many Express Sympathy

On the street, in office buildings, and everywhere he goes, Inspector McCann is the recipient of kind words and hearty handshakes from persons who believe he is innocent.

The police official during the day reiterated his previous statement to the effect that he was "through talking," He said that his entire case was in the hands of his attorneys and that the next time he talked for publication would be in court.

"Havenít a thing to say," he declared in answer to a question as to what his plans for defense were. "Former Judge Neely and Mr. Underwood are handling things now and if there is anything to say they are the ones who will make the conversation. I never knew I had so many friends until this trouble came up. I am receiving offers of assistance from many people who believe I am right. And they are not disorder resort keepers of the west side, either.

Report Erbstein Is Retained.

It was said that Attorney Charles E. Erbstein was to be added to the defense forces, but this was denied by McCann, and the attorney said that so far he had not been retained.

The attorneys representing the accused inspector expressed themselves as believing thoroughly that their client would be acquitted when he was brought to trial.

Dean Sumner of SS. Peter and Paul cathedral is working among the denizens of the west side levee, and he is confident that he will be able to produce indisputable evidence that Inspector McCann is the victim of a plot.

"These people who are telling stories to the grand jury of protection money paid to McCann are doing so out of pure malice and a desire for revenge upon a police official who has put many of them out of business as keepers of disorderly resorts," said he, "I have already obtained some evidence of the gigantic plot that resulted in the inspectorís indictment, and I expect to have much more before the case against him comes to trial.

Cites McCannís Energy

"The plot to Ďgetí McCann has been under way for several months. Before he went into that district the conditions were the worst I ever saw in my life. He entered into the work of cleaning up the district with enthusiasm, and I can say he accomplished good that I thought was absolutely impossible. He segregated vice, saved hundreds of young girls, and otherwise made himself disagreeable to the inhabitants of the levee district.

Dean Sumner was in Kenosha, Wis. during the day, but returned in the afternoon and held a brief conference with Inspector McCann.


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