Chicago Tribune

Mrs. James A. Britton and Miss Frances Douglass Believe in Integrity of the Inspector.

Two Juvenile Protective league officers added themselves yesterday to the list of McCann partisans with statements of their "absolute confidence in his integrity."

"The charges are a pack of lies," asserted Mrs. James A. Britton of Hull house, who has been engaged in reform work on the west side for thirteen years . "I am confident that there is not a word of truth in them. I have told Mr. McCann that I shall do everything in my power for him, and tomorrow I shall communicate with as many of his friends as possible, to see what can be done.

"We who have fought the vicious resorts recall that when we prosecuted Fewer and Collins and some of the worst owners Mr. Wayman acted as their attorney. We don’t know how much pressure has be brought on him, but we believe, beyond a doubt, that this attack on the inspector is a conspiracy to remove him from the position where he enforced the law against lawlessness."

Miss Frances Douglass has been the protective league’s officer in the Desplaines street district ever since Inspector McCann’s arrival there, and her trust in his honesty is unfaltering.

"I am positive that the charges are made out of whole cloth," she declared. "I know the district thoroughly and I know the men who make these accusations are not to be relied on under oath for the slightest statement, much less where the have an object to gain."


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