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Confessed Woman Broker of Underworld Sentenced to Ten Months.
Police Hunt for the Man and Also Investigate Case of a Japanese and His Wife.

Admitting in court that she was a "broker of fallen women," Dora Douglas yesterday told Judge Newcomer that she was in the employ of a Russian Jew, whose identity the police withhold. The woman, who is 35 years old, said she was paid to lure girls to Chicago, to be transferred for a cash consideration to resorts.

The admission caused her to be given a ten months’ sentence to the bridewell and stirred the police to search for the woman’s employer. If apprehended he will be arrested on a charge of pandering.

Three girls testified that Mrs. Douglas had prevailed on them to come to Chicago from Milwaukee. The girls are:

Margaret Jacobs, 20 years old.
    Katherine Albright, 22 years old.
    Anna Sang, 19 years old.

Admits Her Acts Frankly

"I brought these girls and others, too," said Mrs Douglas to the court. "Altogether I bought four from Milwaukee, also several from St. Louis, but I turned them over to a Russian Jew instead of selling them, as he proposed."

"Then your are a ‘broker of fallen women?" suggested the judge.

"That’s true, your honor, but I am not to blame. I was of good parents, had a good home, and married, as I thought, the best man in the world. He turned drunkard after I had given up school teaching, and had finished my education. I could not live with him."

"Better live with a drunkard than engage in such work as this," said the judge. "No punishment I could mete out to you would avenge the crime you have been guilty of and so willingly confess to, but I will only send you to the bridewell for ten months because of your willingness to aid the police in their efforts to get at the bottom of this a affair."

Japanese and Wife Arrested

Another case which occupied the attention of Judge Newcomer was that of Sarah Ipo, who at first told the court she had been placed in a resort by her Japanese husband, but subsequently denied this. Eventually she was lodged in the Harrison street annex, pending further investigation.

Mrs. Ipo had been found in a resort at 21 Armour avenue. She denied she was only 17 years old, contradicting a statement made to a missionary. She said she was and American, and that her parents lived in Chicago, but refused to tell who they were. Her husband, George Ipo, who had been brought in on the charges of vagrancy, was found to be seriously ill, and on the advice of a physician was sent to the county hospital.

When the husband was being taken out of the court room the girl became hysterical, and falling to her knees, pleaded with the judge not to separate her from her husband.

"It will kill me, judge, to be apart from my husband. You have no right to take him from me."

The girl fought off the officers when they sought to take her from the court room, and was carried to the annex.

Judge Newcomer said the girl could have her choice. She must return to her home at Nevada, Mo., or serve a term in the bridewell.


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