Chicago Tribune

Police Arrest Isaac Ulman and Joseph Keller, Indicted in "White Slave" Crusade.

Toronto, Ont., Sept. 3 — [Special]. — After a month’s effort Isaac Ulman and Joseph Keller, indicted in Chicago for bringing girls from Europe for immoral purposes, were arrested today. The warrant was signed by R. W. Scott, secretary of state for Canada. The men were rushed to Niagara Falls, where they were rearrested by United States Deputy Marshal W. R. Bryan of Chicago, who was in charge of the party, which comprised secret service men from both Canadian and American police.

The American authorities have been in communication with Crown Attorney Corley since Aug. 8, on which data Ulman and Keller came to Toronto. The evidence against them was forwarded to the secretary and papers were made out for their deportation.

In the meantime, Keller had secured employment as a selling agent with a sewing machine company, while Ulman kept a small store. Efforts were made by the United States secret service men to induce both men to cross the line. Glowing stories of mining opportunities in Pennsylvania were held out to Keller, but he paid no attention to them. A large gasoline launch was kept ready in the harbor in hopes that he would be induced to take a sail and thus conveyed to the other side, but to no avail.

Detectives and secret service men conferred with Mr. Corley after obtaining the deportation warrant, and on obtaining his consent the arrests were made.


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