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Federal Grand Jury Finds True Bills in White Slave Cases.
Sixteen Persons to be Prosecuted Under the Immigration Law.

The finishing touch of the federal crusade against white slave traders in Chicago was given yesterday by the federal grand jury, which voted twenty-nine indictments against the men and women who have been the head and shoulders of this business in Chicago.

With the trial of the persons named in these indictments, District Attorney Sims believe all organized importation of immoral women will be stopped. The activity of the district attorney’s office already has frightened not only the persons engaged in this business but has caused many of the imported women to leave the city.

True Bills Against Sixteen

Indictments were found against the following

A. Duval      Mrs. A. Duval
Alphonse Dufour  Eva Dufour
Fernand Bocquet  Sol Rubin
Louis Rosenblum  Isaac Cooperman
Louis Beck Victor Malezan
Joseph Bolar     William Welner
Mrs. Rosie Markes Joseph Keller
B. H. Markle    Santina Piazza

The whole series of cases probably hangs upon the decision of the United States Supreme court in the cases of the Dufours. There are five indictments against each of the Dufours, who are charged with holding in bondage five French women.

Dufour and his wife were compelled to go to jail because they were unable to furnish the $25,000 bonds imposed by Judge Landis. Later attorneys representing them raised several questions involving the validity of the act under which the prisoners were being held.

Held in Jail Without Bail

Judge Landis refused to release the defendants on a writ of habeas corpus and the case was appealed to the Supreme court of the United States. Meanwhile the man and woman are in jail because of Judge Landis’ refusal to release them on bail pending the decision of the upper court.

Assistant District Attorney Parkin, who has charge of the white slave cases for the government, has expressed his readiness to try the other cases, but the lawyers for the other defendants, on various excuses, have secured delays in the hope that the Supreme court might knock out the clause of the immigration law under which these indictments were returned.


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