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Organization Decides to Incorporate and Put Itself on a Permanent Basis.

At a meeting of the Sunday Evening club held yesterday noon at Orchestra hall it was decided that the Sunday evening services held by the organization have been so successful as to warrant making them permanent by incorporating the club. The present executive committee of the club, with the addition of the name of John V. Farwell, Jr., were elected as trustees of the corporation and Lloyd W. Bowers, general counsel for the Chicago and Northwestern railway, was appointed to take the matter to Springfield.

The trustees of the organization will be:
    Clifford W. Barnes,
    A. C. Bartlett.
    John G. Shedd,
    Charles L. Hutchinson,
    F. H. Armstrong,
    Richard C. Hall,
    Philip L. James,
    John T. Pirie, Jr.

The officers: ex-officio

Charles Ailing, Jr.
    Charles L. Bartlett,
    William C. Boyden
    Lloyd W. Bowers
    Eugene J. Buffington,
    Edward B. Butler,
    J. Lewis Cochran
    George E. Cole,
    Henry P. Crowell
    Thomas E. Donnelley
    James H. Douglas
    Bernard A. Eckhart
    John V. Farwell, Jr.
    Thomas A. Hall,
    Norman W. Harris.
    William F. Hypes
    John B. Lord
    Franklin MacVeagh
    Howard Van D. Shaw,
    William P. Sidley
    Towner K. Webster
    Norman Williams.


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