Review of Introduction To Social Research by Emory Bogardus

Herbert Blumer

Introduction to Social Research. By EMORY S. BOGARDUS. Los Angeles: Sutton House Ltd., 1936. Pp. xi + 237. $3.00.

While this volume is not as erudite as some of the recent works dealing with social research, it is very readable, concise, and useful. The discussion includes a treatment of the ecological approach, of the use of statistical techniques, of observation techniques, of the survey methods, of the means of studying opinions and attitudes, of group and personal interviews, of life-histories, of diaries and letters, and of the interpretation of case materials. A liberal use is made of maps and charts to illustrate the various techniques of investigation. Any student who is entering the field of sociology and wishes to form a knowledge of the methods of research that are in current use will find this volume to be very helpful.

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