Instinct: A Study in Social Psychology

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Luther Lee Bernard

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  1 Introduction — Problem and Method

  2 The Controversy Regarding Instinct and Environment

  3 The Organic Bases of Action

  4 The Nature of Instinct — Analysis and Criticism

  5 The Evolution of Neuro-psychic Traits — Habits

  6 The Evolution of Neuro-psychic Controls — Intelligence and Language

  7 Current Usage of the Term Instinct

  8 The Classification of Instincts

  9  Some Results of Investigation

10 Origins of the Usage of Instinct

11 Heredity and the Instincts

12 Conditional Development and Delayed Instincts

13 A Reductio ad Absurdum

14 Some False Instincts Exposed — Maternal, Paternal and Parental

15 Some False Instincts Exposed — Play, Fighting, Construction, Etc.

16 Some False Instincts Exposed — Analysis of Contents

17 Some Further Misconceptions Concerning the Nature of Instincts

18 The Nature of the Emotions

19 The Emotions and Sentiments

20 Summary and Conclusions


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