Gordon Willard Allport

Gordon W. Allport

Born: at Montezuma, Ind., Nov. 11, 1897.
Son of: Dr. John Edward and Nellie Edith (Wise) Allport.
Prepared at: Grenville High School, Cleveland, Ohio.
Permanent Mailing Address: 6351 Yucca Str., Hollywood, Los Angeles, Cal.

September, 1919 to June, 1920, teaching English and Sociology in Robert College, Constantinople. June to September, 1920, bumming in Europe. September, 1920, back in Cambridge. Jun, 1921, A.M.; June 1922, PhD. (Psychology). Summer, 1922, with the oranges and peaches in Southern California. September, 1922, back in Europe (chiefly Berlin) with the pedagogues and continental attractions (Sheldon fellow). My European address for the coming year is care of F. W. Allport, Trade Commissioner, I Bösendorerstrasse 13, Vienna.


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