Personal Note from Wisconsin University:
Jerome Hall Raymond

American Academy of Political and Social Science

Mr. Jerome Hall Raymond has been appointed Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Raymond was born at Clinton, Ia., on March 10, 1869. His early education was obtained in the Chicago and Sterling (Ill.) public schools, and at the Northwestern University Academy at Evanston. In 1888 he entered the Northwestern University, but left in June, 1890, to travel and study abroad. Coming back in January, 1892, he graduated that year with the degree of A. B. The following year Mr. Raymond spent mostly at Northwestern, but partly at Johns Hopkins. He was also Secretary for the Chicago Society for University Extension, and Editor of the University Extension Magazine. In June he received the degree of A.M. from his alma mater. The next year (1893-94) he was Professor of History and Political Science at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis., studying at the same time at the University of Wisconsin in absentia. During the summer of 1894,

(299) Professor Raymond was Lecturer on Economics at Chautauqua. During the past year he has been studying at the University of Chicago, holding at the same time the positions of Lecturer in Sociology and Secretary of the Class Study Department in the University Extension Division. Besides his chair at Wisconsin, Professor Raymond will also be Secretary of the University Extension Department. He has complete the work required for the degree of Ph. D. at the University of Chicago in sociology and political science and will receive that degree during the coming year.

Professor Raymond is a member of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, the American Economic Association and the American Academy of Political and Social Science. He has written a series of twelve articles on "The Labor Movement," published in the Oshkosh Northwestern.


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