For alumni, business mentors and entrepreneurs

For alumni, business mentors and entrepreneurs

Universities are changing; Brock is a hub for entrepreneurship, with many of our faculty and students engaged in new businesses and business ideas. If you would like to become a business mentor, with the opportunity to help with a student or faculty venture, or you are an entrepreneur looking for a new project, please contact us.

Current research ventures can be found here.  Current Blueprint and other student ventures can be found here.

Some mentors, entrepreneurs and their involvement:

Gabriel Marchionda (Sociology, class of '12)
Gabriel started My Coffee Brew which manufacturers private label single serve coffee for businesses

Larry Maxwell
Larry is an advisor to BUSU and is helping to develop the mentor pool for the Research and Student ventures

Chris Capredoni, BBA, MBA, Freeman
Chris is an active entrepreneur, involved in two research projects and mentoring the Student Venture ‘Every1games’

Joe Elliot PhD (Biological Sciences, class of ‘73)
Joe has provided a market assessment to help us develop a new method of production of a pharmaceutical product

John Suk (Biological Sciences, class of ‘73)
John has provided business plan guidance to a group of final year Goodman business school students

Nick DiPietro
Nick has joined the BUSU Blueprint committee and is helping to develop the entrepreneurial framework for Brock and Niagara

Other useful resources for University affiliated entrepreneurship include:

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