Outreach to Schools and Enrichment Programs

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Outreach to Schools and Enrichment Programs

Teaching Science Together

An essential part of the Faculty of Mathematics & Science’s mission is to reach out to schools, and the community, in order to collectively promote science awareness, appreciation and proficiency.

We strive to provide elementary and secondary school teachers, students and parents with various opportunities to:

  • Generate among our youth an enthusiasm for and an interest in science
  • Demonstrate the important role that science plays in an increasingly technological world
  • Raise students levels of excellence in science
  • Encourage more students to pursue science at a post-secondary level
  • Encourage more students to consider a career in the sciences


In addition to a number of outreach and enrichment programs, listed below, we are pleased to augment these programs with additional opportunities to “teach science together.” This program welcomes school teachers and their students to Brock for a university learning experience in mathematics and sciences.  School teachers can also invite Brock faculty members to their own classrooms for science workshops and presentations.  For a listing of this year's offerings please click on the BOTS link below.

BOTS (Brock Outreach to Schools)
Would you like your class to attend an exciting workshop at Brock or would you like a professor to give a special talk to your students in your classroom?  Follow the link to select a subject and an activite and complete the on-line Request Form.  Please note that at least 2 weeks notice is required in order to allow for the necessary arrangements.

Brock Go Club
Go, is a game, developed in China about 4000-4500 years ago, based on strategy and tactics.  Its practice reinforces reasoning as well as analytical and organizational skills.  Children of all ages can compete with adults having years of experience.  The club has different levels for players from diverse age groups. 

Caribou Mathematics at Brock Competition
A free online math contest, offered Canada wide in both official languages, for children in grades 3 to 8.  There are 6 contest days where there is a contest for each of the grades 3 / 4 , 5/6 and 7/8. A relaxed environment where participants compete for prizes.   

Physics Enrichment Program
A one semester (February-April) for-credit opportunity for grades 11 or 12 students interested in Physics. The focus is on developing the student’s mastery of simple skills and on building connections across the discipline.  

Science Mentorship Program
This unique program links senior secondary school students who are highly interested in science and demonstrate significant scientific curiousity to Brock mentors from various disciplines including Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Neuroscience and Physics.  Selected students are offered the opportunity to pursue a real-life scientific investigation under the supervision of a faculty or staff member in a university laboratory environment.  Recruitment for the program is facilitated through Science or Co-op teachers within each secondary school. 

Scientifically Yours
A two day residential workshop designed to encourage young students in grades 10 and 11 to continue their studies in the sciences and to pursue careers in science-related fields.