Department of Chemistry



Lydia Chen
Assistant Professor
Office: CRN 510 Phone: 3402 E-mail: lchen5@brocku.ca

Feng Li
Assistant Professor
Office: CRN 511 Phone: 6136 E-mail: fli@brocku.ca


Martin Lemaire
Associate Professor
Office: CRN 508 Phone: 6432 E-mail mlemaire@brocku.ca

Georgii Nikonov
Office: CRN 414 Phone: 3350 E-mail gnikonov@brocku.ca

Melanie Pilkington
Associate Professor
Office: CRN 410 Phone: 3403 E-mail: melanie.pilkington@brocku.ca

Theocharis C. Stamatatos
Assistant Professor
Office: CRN 409 Phone: 3400 E-mail tstamatatos@brocku.ca


Jeffrey Atkinson
Office: CRN 416 Phone: 3967 E-mail: jatkin@brocku.ca

Bert Holland - In Memoriam

Tomas Hudlicky
Professor and Canada Research Chair
Office: MC E311C Phone: 4956 E-mail: thudlicky@brocku.ca

Costa Metallinos
Associate Professor
Office: CRN 518 Phone: 3848 E-mail: metallic@brocku.ca

Travis Dudding
Associate Professor
Office: CRN 519 Phone: 3405 E-mail: tdudding@brocku.ca  

Hongbin (Tony) Yan
Associate Professor
Office: CRN 415 Phone: 3545 E-mail tyan[at]brocku.ca

Physical & Theoretical

Heather Gordon
Associate Professor
Office: CRN 511A Phone: 4604 E-mail: gordonh@brocku.ca

Art van der Est
Office: CRN 408 Phone: 4602 E-mail: avde@brocku.ca

Jan Vrbik
Adjunct Professor, Professor of Mathematics
Office: MC J410 Phone: 3298 E-mail: jvrbik@brocku.ca

Chemical Education

Caroline Starrs
Office: CRN 515 Phone: 3760 E-mail: cstarrs@brocku.ca

Professors Emeriti

Jack Miller
Director of Building and Space
Office: ST 1370 Phone: 3789 E-mail: jmiller@brocku.ca

Martin S. Gibson
E-mail: cskorski@brocku.ca

Richard R. Hiatt
E-mail: cskorski@brocku.ca

David C. Moule
E-mail: dmoule@brocku.ca  

Mary Frances Richardson
E-mail: mrichard@brocku.ca  

Steve Hartman
Office: CRN 513 Phone: 3849 E-mail: shartman@brocku.ca

Stuart Rothstein
Office: CRN 512 Phone: 3401 E-mail: srothste@brocku.ca

Ian Brindle
Office: CRN 509 Phone: 3421 E-mail: ibrindle@brocku.ca

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