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Literature Review

Writing a Literature Review:

  • Academic Writing: Review of Literature (Writer's Handbook, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison)
    A very brief description of the structure of a literature review is provided. Bulleted lists for the Introduction, Body and Conclusion are provided. The site does not offer assistance for the searching or writing process.
  • The Literature Review: A Few Tips On Conducting It (Univ. Toronto)
    Focuses on what elements must be contained in a literature review, then provides questions you should ask to make a more effective document. Very concise, but useful.

Writing a Literature Review for Psychology:

Writing a Literature Review for Kinesiology or Sports Sciences:

  • How to Write a Literature Review (
    Focuses on critical skills involved in evaluating the quality of a published work, including the interpretation of statistical information and significance of a study's findings. The site provides a large amount of text, but offers information specific to health and sports sciences.

Writing about Journal Articles:

  • Critical Reviews of Journal Articles (Univ. Alberta)
    Although not specifically designed for literature review purposes, this site does offer assistance in evaluating a journal article. 15 questions are provided to help in this process.
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