Brock Card

Brock Card

The Brock Card is the most important piece of identification you will have while at Brock University. The Brock Card is your complete access to the Brock Community and its partners. The benefits associated with this card include savings, convenience, flexibility and security.

MEAL PLAN Carry Over

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 1 week blackout period after the last day of exams in April for reconciliation purposes. During this time your meal plan dollars will not be accessible, but Flex dollars will be. The Meal Plan will be reactivated on May 4th as a taxable meal plan.

FLEX DOLLARS Will Carry Over!

FLEX DOLLARS remaining at the end of term will carry over to next term automatically. No forms are required. Should you be graduating or leaving Brock and want a FLEX DOLLAR refund, please visit the Brock Card office in the Marketplace to complete the refund request form. A processing fee of $25 applies to all FLEX DOLLAR refunds.