Dealing with the challenge

This website provides the Brock community with information about efforts being made to return the University to a sound financial footing.

Brock is not immune to the challenges facing Canadian universities. For instance our 2013-14 budget projection emerged with a deficit forecast at $14.5 million. If our operating model were left unchanged, the deficits would surpass $20 million, $26 million and $30 million respectively over the next three years — the University would become insolvent. Thus in 2013 the University’s Board of Trustees directed senior administration to reduce the 2013-14 deficit to $7 million, and to achieve a balanced budget or better for 2014-15.

In the current Ontario economy, balancing expenses with revenues on this scale is a massive job. It requires every unit across the University to be part of a consultative process that ensures Brock’s sustainability by finding operating efficiencies, revenue generation and/or cost containment. And it must be done without harming the high standards of teaching and research that characterize a Brock education.

This website is structured into subsections of People, Budget and Bargaining to organize different sets of information and how they affect, or are affected by, the University’s deficit-reduction efforts.

Please bookmark and regularly check this website for any updates.