Program Review begins for administrative units (Oct 22)

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Program Review begins for administrative units (Oct 22)

Published on October 23 2013

The Assessment Process for administrative programs at Brock University got underway today when the necessary form was made available online to anyone with L1 or L2 authority for administrative programs.

Links to access the form have been emailed to appropriate L1 and L2 authorities.

The Presidential Task Force overseeing this portion of the Review has defined administrative programs as any program not directly related to teaching or research. This includes activities of administrative departments such as Facilities Management or Human Resources, as well as the administrative activities within academic departments, such as academic advising or IT support.

In the assessment process, persons with L1 or L2 authority for a program are to answer four questions about the program (see below), as well as provide supporting information for nine criteria. People with L1 and L2 authority for a same program should consult to establish who will be responsible for submitting the form.

Completed forms are to be submitted by 4:30 pm on Nov. 21. They will go to a new approval level created for the Program Review process, entitled L3. This person could be the supervisor of the L2 authority, such an associate vice-president, or it could be the same as the L2 authority, such as a dean.

The L3 will then have responsibility for ranking the programs that report to her or him. That will be the next stage of the process.

Information sessions planned

Instructions for completing the Program Assessment forms will be available online, but persons wanting information or advice about completing the form can attend one of two information sessions:

Friday 25 Oct. at 2 pm — Welch 324

Monday 28 Oct. at 9 am — Taro Hall 403

These information sessions could be particularly helpful for managers of organizational units, chairs, directors and others who will complete the forms.

Please register in advance at 

Questions or comments about the forms or the Program Review process can be sent to the Task Force 

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 Four questions

  1. Describe the importance of this program to the purpose and strategic objectives of the University as described in the Integrated Strategic Plan and Strategic Mandate Agreement.
  2. Can the efficiency (defined as the ratio of outputs/service to inputs/resources) of the program be improved while maintaining or improving quality of the program? If so, how? If not, why? For example, can efficiency of this program be improved through combining forces with other programs on campus, or through partnerships with community groups?
  3. What would the impact on the University be if this program were no longer funded?
  4. What recommendation with regard to prioritization would you make for the future of this program?