Brock's brand

Brock's brand

Brock has a culture unlike any other - and word is spreading.


Check out Brock's Brand Identity Policy, Brand Standards Manual, and Brand Culture Guide.

Our brand promise:

We provide a dynamic and creative learning experience that breaks the boundaries of academic convention.

Our brand personality:

• Young
• Fresh
• Smart
• Creative
• Dynamic
• Passionate and energetic: full of life, vibrant, and spirited
• Unpretentious (not arrogant or self-centered)
• Casual and relaxed (not stiff, rigid or formal)
• Welcoming, open and supportive

Our brand positioning:

We offer students, faculty and staff exceptional opportunities to develop both personally and academically, by encouraging a heart for community and a passion for innovation.

Brock is a university designed for the very purpose of developing well-rounded individuals, where diverse passions are not only welcomed but celebrated, and students become better versions of themselves.

We're a unique university, as distinctive as fingerprints. We're not numbers. We are individuals encouraged to make our marks, to develop both sides of our brain. This is where our logo/signature with the fingerprint comes to life as well as our tagline, “Both sides of the brain.”

Branding includes our name, brand signature and tagline. But it’s more than that. It’s also about experiences:

It’s all our points of communication from and about Brock, our visual and written messages to individual audiences and the tone we use.

It’s the image that comes to mind when people think about our University, our faculties and our programs.

It’s a promise to audiences, one that influences their perceptions about us.

It’s about our academic programs, which we know are rigorous and experiential.

It’s about our fresh-thinking professor-researchers who put students first.

It’s about how we engage in the global community and actively partner to lead the economic, cultural, and social future of our region and beyond.

And it’s about us being a community where people care about people.