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The Special Collections and Archives is continually digitizing our collections to make these more accessible to researchers.  In some cases, entire collections of records have been placed online.  Primarily, only selected items that best represent the holdings of a collection will be digitized.  These are intended to assist researchers and inspire them to visit Brock University to see the rest of the records.  

Use the following format to cite a digitized record:

Letter - Bliss Carman to Ethelwyn Wetherald, 15 December 1897, Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald Fonds, 1872-2007 (RG 84), Brock University Archives, Brock University Library. Accessed 17 March 2015. http://dr.library.brocku.ca/handle/10464/4391.  



Brock Library's Digital Repository

The Digital Repository (DR) is where all of the digitized items from the Special Collections and Archives are made available.  The DR is keyword searchable and can be browsed.

We have categorized our digitized materials into three areas:

  1. Archival Resources - primary records from various collections within our Archives
  2. Digitized Books - published works from our specialized book collection
  3. University Archives - materials that chronicle the history of Brock University

Many of these digitized items can also be found in larger scale digital projects such as the Internet Archive and Our Ontario.


Brock University's War of 1812 Collection

The Special Collections and Archives has a large collection of primary and secondary records about the War of 1812.  Some of these resources include: Canadian, American and British newspapers from the war period; contempory booklets, addresses, speeches, legal records and more; written documents from the War; research and writings of 1812 historians  Dr. Frederick Drake and Robert Malcomson; and modern works of history about the conflict.  The following are resources to help you find our 1812 related materials:

A research guide to our 1812 resources

Digitized works on the War of 1812

The Brock University Library partnered with six Niagara heritage institutions to digitize and place online their 1812 era records and artefacts.  The result was over 1000 items captured by 22000 images.  The website for this initiative is www.1812history.com.  To search the site immediately, enter a keyword in the box below.

1812 History

Explore the War of 1812 through firsthand accounts, artifacts and primary source materials... 1812 History


Welland Canal Maps - First and Second Canals

Survey maps and land appropriation records concerning the construction and course of the First and Second Welland Canal through the Niagara Peninsula. These records span the years 1826 to the 1860s and detail the natural and human impacts on the land.
To view the locations of the Second Welland Canal survey maps on a modern day map, visit this link:Second Welland Canal - Google Maps.

Terry O'Malley Fonds

Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends member, Terry O'Malley, made significant contributions to the field of advertising as creative director and president of Vickers & Benson. These archival records reflect his creative efforts and include not only successes but also rough drafts and sketches of ideas that never made it off the page. Terry O'Malley and the Vickers & Benson team not only promoted commercial products such as beer, fast food, hockey equipment and sporting events, but also promoted national government sponsored events and programs. 


Brock University Archives

As Brock University approaches its fiftieth anniversary in 2014, interest in its past will continually grow. This digital collection contains historic photographs, papers, promotional items and other interesting materials that document the history of Brock University from its inception to the present. This is a work in progress. We will keep adding to the collection up to the fiftieth anniversary celebration and beyond. 


Dr. James A. Gibson Photo Exhibit

In January of 2002, the Library hosted a birthday celebration for its namesake, James A. Gibson, Founding President of Brock University. Visit the 90th birthday photo exhibit and find out more about this distinguished Canadian