GIS Training Resources

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GIS Training Resources

A variety of resources for learning Geographic Information Systems (GIS), specifically ArcGIS and Google Earth Pro are available to the Brock community.

We recommend:

For beginners: "Getting Started with ArcGIS (version 10.2)"(1 module, 4 hours)

In-depth learning opportunity: "Learning ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 10)" (24 hours, 8 modules)

ESRI Virtual Campus: Members of the Brock community are eligible to enroll in an on-line course, free-of-charge. A number of options are available for all levels of user. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Register for an ESRI Global Account (first-time users).
  2. Select from the site license Course List or use the Course Recommendation wizard to determine a module that's perfect for you (Note: Instructor-lead courses are offered at a reduced fee for site license users).
  3. Send the name of the chosen course to from your Brock e-mail account. You will receive an email with instructions for proceeding with your course registration.

Brock University Maps, Data & GIS: Hands-on workshops and step-by-step tutorials are offered by the Maps, Data & GIS unit staff that introduce users to the fundamentals of ArcGIS. 

Intro to ArcGIS - self-guided tutorial with data

SpatiaLABS are standalone activities designed to promote spatial reasoning and analysis skills.

Other How to... guides and instruction


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