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HRI Conferences and Symposia

 Conferences and Symposia 2014 - 2015

1. The Humanities Research Institute's Fall Term Symposium was held on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 in the Dr. Charles A. Sankey Chamber. The title of the symposium was "Moving Targets, Shifting Landscapes". The speakers were as follows:

Session 1: Chair: Fanny Dolansky (Classics)
Roberto Nickel (Classics), "Grievous Lust: Aphrodite's Gift to Paris and the Origins of the Trojan War."
Jessica Clark (History), "Hair Cropping in British West Indian Prisons."
Julia Polyck-O'Neill (PhD student, Interdisciplinary Humanities), "Doug Land: Vancouver and Douglas Coupland's Interdisciplinary Praxis."

Session 2: Chair: Virginia Reh (Dramatic Arts)
Jason Hawreliak (Digital Humanities), "How Videogames Mean: A Multimodal Approach to Analysis and Design."
Andrew Pendakis (English Language and Literature), "In The Middle of Things: On The Semiotics of Centrism."
Katharine von Stackelberg (Classics), "'Pseudo-Classical' Subversion: The Roman Garden of Louise du Pont Crowninshield."

2. The Humanities Research Institute's Spring Term Symposium was held on Thursday, April 23, 2015 in the Dr. Charles A. Sankey Chamber. The title of the symposium is "Cities and Universities: Exploring the Encounter". The speakers are as follows:

Session 1: Chair: Gyllian Raby (Dramatic Arts)
Karen Fricker (Dramatic Arts) and Derek Knight (MIWSFPA), "Imaging the City: A Season of Creative Engagement"

Session 2: Chair: David Schimmelpenninck (History)
Nigel Lezama (MLLC), "From Zero to Hero: Urban Figures in Baudelaire's Tableaux Parisiens"
Barry Wright (OBHREE), "The Niagara Community Observatory: The First Five Years"
Michelle Lau (Accounting) and Dara Marshall (Miami University), "Budgeting for Tax Payments: Perspectives from Municipalities and Higher Learning Institutions"