Personnel Reimbursement Policy and Procedures

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Personnel Reimbursement Policy and Procedures

Personnel reimbursements for travel, accommodations, meals, internet, cell phones, and other work related expenses are handled through the University’s Travel and Related Expenses Policy.  This policy covers reimbursements from all accounts (i.e. operating budget, research accounts, personnel development accounts) administered by the University.

Procedures and Guidelines

These procedures and guidelines have been developed to assist with the implementation of Brock University policies:

Budget Mitigation Measures
For information on budget mitigation measures please see the Policies and Procedures main page.

Forms and Related Documents

Forms and related documents have been developed to facilitate the transactions associated with the policies, procedures and guidelines above. These can be found on the Forms and Related Documents webpage.

These policies are available for download in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit this site and download a free copy.

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The policies posted on this site are official Brock University policies. They are the responsibility of the Vice-President of Finance & Administration and each has been approved by the Board of Trustees on the date specified within the policy.