Policies and Procedures

Financial Services

Policies and Procedures

The Brock University Act (the "Act"), section 11 provides that except as otherwise especially assigned to the Senate, the government, conduct, management and control of the University's property and conduct of its business and affairs is vested in the Board of Trustees (the "Board").  The Financial Policies and Procedures have been grouped into 4 categories (Cash, Capital, Purchasing, Personnel Reimbursement).  These policies establish a framework for the financial management of the University.

Salient to all University transactions is the Financial Impropriety Policy (below).  For other finance-related policies please see the menu links to the left side of the page.

In response to the 2014-15 budget deficit and continuing into the 2015-16 budget year the following mitigation measures are effective as of May 1, 2014 and are interpreted as primary to the current University Policies:

  • A six month hiring delay (exceptions by Presidential approval)
  • All unspent salary, wage, and benefit amounts to contribute to deficit reduction
  • Expansion of the vacation buyback program
  • Reduce non-essential travel paid from the operating budget
    • When training and conferences could be held at multiple locations, the least costly location should be selected.
    • Unit retreats, conferences and other gatherings should be held on campus whenever possible, to avoid travel and room rental costs.
  • Reduced food and drink services at all meetings paid from the operating budget
    • Elimination of catered coffee/refreshments/snack breaks at internal meetings.
    • The purchase and expensing of alcohol is limited to the provision of hospitality and requires pre-approval of a Senior Administrative Council member.

For a complete list of Brock University policies approved by the Board of Trustees, please visit the University Secretariat's website.  For questions, comments, and suggestions on the University's financial policies and procedures please email us.

These policies are available for download in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit this site and download a free copy.