The Recruitment Process

Co-op Programs

The Recruitment Process

The Co-op Programs Office provides expert support and consulting services to employers looking to utilize university programs to assist in their hiring needs. Experienced Recruitment Professionals can help you identify the skills needed to meet your business needs, the program discipline(s) best suited to your organization and at the same time keep your recruitment costs to a minimum.

Sourcing Co-op Talent

Continuous Hiring Method 
1) Review of dates:

Brock’s just-in-time recruitment solution means you can engage qualified candidates faster and finalize hiring decisions sooner. We recommend the following recruitment timeline:



(Sept - Dec)

(Jan - April)

(May - Aug)

Send in Job Posting Starting May 1st Starting September 1st Starting January 1st
Conduct Interviews May - August September - December January - April
Work Term Start Time Early September Early January Early May

If you cannot read the chart please click here for a PDF copy.

Job posting, interviewing and selection is a continuous process throughout the year.

2) Send in Job Posting:

  • 2 Options for Submitting a Job Posting:

    1. Log into to submit your job posting directly to our job board. If you are a new user please register under Employer Account Registration.

    2. Email your posting to

3) Review Candidates: Screen resumes. Candidates can be pre-screened upon request if preferred.

4) Interview Process: After screening the resumes, select the candidates you wish to interview and contact us to arrange a date, time and location. Interviews may be conducted on campus at Brock, at your organization or via telephone/skype. Co-op staff will organize interviews and forward schedules to you.

5) Selection Process: After interviewing, select the candidate that best meets your needs. Job offers can be made through the Co-op Office immediately following the interview; student must response to the offer within 48 hours. Brock does not utilize a matching or ranking process for non-accounting majors. Employers are able to extend offers of employment at any time in the recruitment process to meet their immediate hiring needs.

Bachelor of Accounting ONLY

Ranking and Matching Method - January Work Term ONLY

Confidentiality of the Rankings Process

Rankings must remain confidential. To maintain the integrity of the Ranking Process it is imperative that no discussions take place with candidates regarding ranking decisions and that no offers are made directly to candidates before receiving confirmation from the Brock University Co-op Programs Office regarding the status of the rankings. Students have been informed that they must not accept offers before the rankings process is complete.

 What is the Ranking Process?

  • The Ranking Recruitment Process is only used for the recruitment of Brock Accounting Co-op students looking for a January work term. For all other work terms, we follow an on-going continuous hiring model: Post…Interview…Hire following your own timeline.
  • By utilizing ranking input from both employers and students, the Ranking Process is designed to quickly and efficiently maximize employer / student matches.

Co-op Education Tax Credit Programs

Participating employers should be aware of the opportunities to receive funding assistance for hiring Brock Co-op students. Complete program details can be found here.

The Co-operative Education Tax Credit

When you hire a Brock Co-op student, you may be eligible to receive a tax credit. The Ontario Government's Co-operative Education Tax Credit will reimburse a business for 10-15% of eligible costs, up to $3000 per student.
Please note: The paid work term must be a minimum of 12 weeks of full time work, and each four month employment period will be considered a separate qualifying work term.

For Further Information Contact:

Ministry of Finance
Corporations Tax Branch, Tax Advisory
33 King Street West, Oshawa, Ontario
Phone: 905-433-6513
Fax: 905-433-6747


Ontario Cooperative Education Tax Credit

Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit


SR & ED Tax Credit
The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is a federal tax incentive program to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada that will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes. Claimants can apply for SR&ED investment tax credits for expenditures such as wages (including Co-op students' salaries), materials, machinery, equipment, some overhead, and SR&ED contracts.
For More Information:

Other Wage Subsidies for Employers
Canada Summer Jobs Initiative
Cultural Career Council of Ontario
Ontario Trillium Foundation


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