University Accessibility Planning - Removing Barriers


Accessibility at Brock is a responsibility shared across the entire University community and is co-ordinated by our University Accessibility (AODA) Co-ordinator.

We are committed to excellence in the provision of university goods, services or facilities to all persons including persons with disabilities.

On this website you can find:

Accessible formats of all documents required under the AODA are available upon request.


2015 Brock University Annual Accessibility Status Report

Brock University Facility Accessibility Design Standards – 2nd Edition 2014  

Brock University Accessibility (AODA) Policy  (passed by the Board December 12, 2013)

2013 Brock University Multi-year Accessibility Plan

Persons Requiring Assistance to Evacuate, Persons Requiring Assistance Fire Safety Manual and Areas of Refuge

Accessible Procurement

Purchasing Policy – Responsibilities and Authorities 5.xiii.