Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Other Tuition & Program Related Fees

Course Audit

The charge for auditing a course is 50% of the normal course fee or the withdrawal charge at the time of the change to audit status, whichever is greater.

Challenge for Credit
The charge for challenging a course for credit in the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 is $498.70 per full credit for Domestic students and $954.15 per full credit for Visa students. 

Additional Fees Applicable to the Teacher Education Program

Convocation Ceremonial Fee                   $40.00
Since Teacher Education is a one year program, we charge the ceremonial fee up front with your tuition and other related fees to expedite the graduation process.

Handbook Printing Fee                            $10.00
This fee covers the printing of the teacher candidate handbook which is distributed to every incoming teacher candidate.

Material/Administration Fee                    $110.00
This fee covers the printing of resources for foundations and curriculum courses and expenses associated with program and practicum administration.

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