Donkey campaign carries serious message

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Donkey campaign carries serious message

Published on March 13 2013

They’re beasts of burden but instead of carrying heavy loads, the donkey will be saddled with an important message this week at Brock.

Off-Campus Living and Neighbourhood Relations has kicked off its Don’t be a Donkey campaign again this year, reminding students who plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to not test the luck of the Irish too much and go easy on the green beer.

That means having fun on March 17 but doing it in a way that’s safe and mindful of others - Brock students and local residents alike, explained Curtis Gadula, manager of Off-Campus Living and Neighbourhood Relations.

“(St. Patrick’s Day) has been a day where there’s been a dramatic increase in social interaction but it has been in a very respectful fashion,” he said. “That’s what we want to continue to encourage because it is a day of such celebration.”

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