Using our Services

Using our Services

The Office of Human Rights and Equity Services (OHRES) is a resource for all members of the Brock community, including students, staff, faculty and visitors to campus, for a wide variety of issues.  We assist with matters of discrimination, harassment, bullying and conflict resolution.  If we are unable to help you directly, we will help you make contact with someone who can.  We do not advocate for either party in a dispute, but take an objective role between parties to work at resolving matters.

The key functions of OHRES are:

  • assist individuals with complaints of harassment, discrimination and bullying to understand the range of options available for responding, and help them to pursue a resolution that works for them,
  • provide information and training to the community to increase awareness about the importance of promoting a respectful work and learning environment, and
  • administer the Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy on campus.

OHRES can assist you with a wide variety of individual concerns, including:

  • Sexual harassment, date/acquaintance rape, sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence,
  • Harassment and/or discrimination based on human rights grounds (race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ething origin, citizenship, creed, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status and disability)
  • General harassment and/or bullying,
  • Workplace harassment,
  • Online/cyber harassment via chats, email, websites, and texts,
  • Helping you to resolve interpersonal conflicts with co-workers, colleauges, classmates, roommates, or others in our community.

Contact with OHRES is a confidential service.  We will work with you to decide on an approach to resolution of your concern that works for you, often making use of alternative dispute resolution techniques that allow the parties to rebuild their relationship in a more positive, respectful way.

Anyone seeking advice or assistance is encouraged to email or phone to make an appointment to meet with one of us.  Please note that we do not offer drop in service at this point, due to the workload and staffing levels in the office.  We do not have full time reception services and there is frequently no one available to meet on short notice.   We can be reached at 905-688-5550 x4859 or

Prior to your appointment, please complete our Intake Form (Word format) (PDF format), summarizing your concerns.  This summary should include: date and time of the incident(s), place, name and status of the other person(s) involved, a specific and detailed account of what happened, the effect of the incident, names of any witnesses, and any action(s) taken in response to the incident(s), including any person to whom the incident has been reported and/or any attempts at personal resolution of the concern.  Where possible, please also bring any correspondence or documents (letters, notes, memos, emails, etc.) relating to the incident(s). 

OHRES is a busy office, with two staff members serving our community of over 20,000 students, staff and faculty.  We will endeavour to return your phone call and/or email within 48 hours and our goal is to schedule an initial meeting with you within 2 weeks.  As staff are often out of the office and/or occupied, with appointments, meetings, training, and other events, we are unable to offer a consistent 'drop in' service.  If you attempt to drop in and we are not available, please email or call to schedule an appointment. 

If you are contacted by OHRES to respond to someone else's concerns, be assured that you will have an opportunity to understand the concern, to respond fully, and that we will approach all situations with objectivity and without bias. 

Our goal is to solve problems and resolve conflict on campus.


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