Brock's Sexual Assault Response Protocol

Brock's Sexual Assault Response Protocol

Brock University has always been committed to fostering a safe campus for students, staff and faculty. We achieve this with a range of policies and resources aimed at creating and maintaining a learning and work environment free from discrimination and harassment. A large part of Brock’s efforts in promoting respect for the dignity of every individual has included developing and implementing programs that educate and train the Brock community to address and prevent sexual assault and harassment.

We have had a standalone sexual assault policy in place to respond to the needs of survivors, and to ensure that timely supports and services are always accessible. That policy remains a key pillar of our safe campus programming. As such, it will be reviewed and updated this spring in consultation with students, first responders and law enforcement officials, and support organizations.

Student, staff and faculty safety remains our highest priority, and we are dedicated to continuing to work together to prevent and respond to sexual assault and support survivors. We will continue to keep the community updated on this most serious issue as we move forward in enhancing our safe campus culture.

Jack Lightstone
President, Brock University


If you think you have been sexually assaulted:

1. After an assault has occurred, go to a safe place. This might be the home/room of a friend or a family member, a residence don, or any place where you can find physical safety and receive emotional support.
2. If you feel unsafe, desire to report the assault, or want to discuss any aspect of your experience, our community members residing in the Niagara Region are strongly encouraged to immediately contact the Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre (NRSAC) using their 24-hour crisis line at 905-682-4584
3. If you have any immediate security/safety needs or believe there is an ongoing threat to others in our community, you are encouraged to immediately contact Campus Security Services for assistance at 905-688-5550 x3200 or via any of the Emergency Phones on campus. 

Brock's Sexual Assault Response Protocol

Brock University is committed to promoting and maintaining a respectful work, learning and living environment for all its community members – one that is free from all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying. This includes all forms of sexual assault[1]

A party of any gender can be a victim or perpetrator of sexual assault. We respond to and investigate all reports of sexual assault and report assaults to local law enforcement when guided by the law to do so. 
Brock University supports any members of our community who become victims of sexual assault. We will work with community agencies who are experts in sexual assault response and who can provide immediate advice and support regarding referrals to appropriate persons and organizations, often including but not limited to, local police, hospitals, advocacy groups and counselling and crisis centers. In the aftermath of a sexual assault, the University will provide follow up resources and will work to create and accommodate alternative living (ie. residence facilities), working and academic arrangements as appropriate. 
Campus Security Services, staff and faculty will follow clear processes when responding to a report of sexual assault, as set out below. The University may also initiate an investigation into a sexual assault complaint, even where a complaint is not a matter for law enforcement: in this case, the appropriate disciplinary process will be followed depending on the status of the accused: for students through the Code of Conduct or Residence Community Guiding Principles and for faculty/staff through the procedures established by the Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy. The University will take every reasonable step protect complainants from any possible retaliation stemming from their complaint.
This Sexual Assault Response Protocol document is a resource for referral and education, available to all members of the Brock University community. As victims of sexual assault may initially seek support and assistance from any member of our community (fellow students, staff and/or faculty members), it is important that all members of our community are familiar with the University’s Sexual Assault Response Protocol and with the departments and community agencies available to assist victims.

[1] Brock’s Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy (RWLEP), Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures in Non-Academic Matters (hereinafter referred to as the Code of Conduct), and Residence Community Guiding Principles (RCGP) not only tell us clearly that sexual assault is intolerable behavior, but encourages us as a community to work actively toward creating an environment in which any inclination toward sexual assault is unthinkable.


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