Brock researchers launch online mathematics computer game

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Brock researchers launch online mathematics computer game

Published on October 28 2013

Bug City: it’s usually such a nice place to live. But the all-powerful Dr. P and his evil Band of Bullies have unleashed havoc on the once-placid community.

All is not lost though, for if someone could figure out a way to defeat the bullies at their own schemes, Bug City would be saved. This is the player’s mission, if they choose to accept it: to travel through six different districts and beat each bully in a public place by winning a series of probabilistic games.

This is the premise of the E-Brock Bugs online mathematics computer game, officially launched on Oct. 24 by a team of mathematics education researchers at Brock University.

The free, online game is based on an area of mathematics called probability, a measurement of the likelihood that something will happen. The probability of an outcome ranges from “impossible” to “certain” according to various formulae.

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