Graduate education — a driving force

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Graduate education — a driving force

All graduate students, regardless of their specific academic interest, share something in common. You possess a natural and personal curiosity and inquisitiveness to look far beyond the surface of things.

Each of you have an inclination to ask about the why and how of life. You’re not afraid to question or challenge the purpose and validity of what you hear, read and witness in our world. You want to make discoveries and to push the boundaries of knowledge and ideas in innovative ways that have a real world impact.

That makes Brock — one of Ontario’s fastest growing universities — a perfect fit for your graduate experience.

Your personal goals — and the answers you are looking for — are at the heart of our 46 graduate programs. Our graduate faculty supervisors are respected teachers, researchers and scholars. They encourage your questions and inquiry as they help shape the skills of academic research and scholarship. Supervisors become the all-important support system to help you stay on track and complete your degree without unnecessary delays.

At Brock, graduate students are working in some of the best research facilities available in the province.

Our internal and external awards to support graduate student research total approximately $2.5 million and continue to grow.

A Brock graduate degree involves building a network of research connections here and beyond through collaborative projects and conference presentations. It also includes professional development programming to complement your academic and research strengths — you’re acquiring the essential skillset for a career in academia or in the private and public sector.

We will help you to go further than you ever thought possible. Bring your curiosity and inquisitive nature to us. The more we help you find answers, the more we help others live a better life.

Dr. Michael Plyley
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies   

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Dr. Michael Plyley
Dr. Michael Plyley