Brock celebrates International Education Week

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Brock celebrates International Education Week

Published on November 19 2013

Apka nam kya hai?

Hoe gaat het?

Un poco de café, pro favour.

Est-ce qu’il y a un médecin ici?

If you’ve been wanting to know how to ask what someone’s name is in Urdu, how they’re doing in Dutch, ask for a cup of coffee in Spain or find a doctor in France, the International Students Association can help.

The association and the Student Justice Centre are hosting a language lab on Thursday, part of International Education Week celebrations, with the hope that a hello in Mandarin or invitation to lunch in Spanish will help make the world just a little bit smaller.

“There’s so many times you might hear people speaking in a different language and it may feel intimidating to approach them,” said Celena Glanville, International Students Association vice-president. “This is a way to spark a conversation for people who may experience a language barrier.”

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