Initial Teacher Education

Initial Teacher Education

The submission deadline for the Experience Profile has been extended to January 10, 2014.

Click on the appropriate link to access your Experience Profile:



  • B10 Primary-Junior, B20 Junior-Intermediate, B30 Intermediate-Senior Applicants:
    Experience Profile: Please note the profile will not be available until mid-October. Once you receive your email acknowledgement from Brock University, you will receive your Campus ID and will have access to the profile. *See important explanatory note below.

    Accessing the Experience Profile:
    • Wait to receive your Campus ID via Brock’s acknowledgment email
    • Log on to ‘’ and click on ‘Applicant, New, Returning Student or Alumni’
    • Go to ‘Applicant & Student Self Service’ tab
    • Access the Experience Profile via ‘Document Status’ tab

    WARNING: You must SAVE every 10 minutes to avoid losing your work

    Further Helpful Hints…
    1. If you are having difficulties accessing the forms, you may need to adjust your ‘pop up blockers’ for the web browser you are using
    2. When you complete each of the required forms, you must close the form (X in the top right of page or use the close button at the end of the form) to return to the Student Self Service area. *Be sure to save your work first!
    3. We strongly recommend the use of Internet Explorer. DO NOT use Google Chrome.
    Click here to go to ‘
    For your convenience we have provided a SAMPLE PORTION of the Experience Profile that you may wish to peruse while waiting for your CAMPUS ID. Click here for SAMPLE EXPERIENCE PROFILE.

  • B80/B82 Technological Education Applicants:
    You may download and print the Technological Education Experience Profile now.

**Important note: You cannot access the Experience Profile until after we receive your application from OUAC. The TEAS application will be forwarded to Brock only after payment has been received by OUAC. If you are paying close to the December 9 payment deadline you should carefully consider your method of payment. We strongly recommend you pay by credit card to ensure you can access the Experience Profile on time. If you pay by cheque it is highly unlikely OUAC will be able to forward your application to Brock on time for you to access the Experience Profile. In these cases we do not guarantee access to the Experience Profile.


Clipboard with application.