Meanings and Measurements of Sustainability

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Meanings and Measurements of Sustainability

Published on April 23 2013

By: Vic Mucciarone
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At Brock University, the Environmental Sustainability Research Center’s (ESRC) mission is to pursue innovative and interdisciplinary research concerning the environment, sustainability and social-ecological resilience. This field of study aims to facilitate much needed transitions towards sustainable practices.

The ESRC at Brock focuses on defining problems rather than adhering to a specific discipline. The transdisciplinary department seeks to enrich the research culture seen at Brock by developing opportunities that are unique in the sustainability field.

One of the mandates of ESRC is to act as a platform to connect researchers within the Faculty of Social Sciences and across Brock University with an interest in the environment. This can be seen with the 3rd annual Rodman Hall Seminar called “Meanings and Measurements of Sustainability”.

This year, the broadly based topic opens it up to hear from a variety of people who will touch upon what sustainability is and how to achieve it.

“It’s meant to be a nice place for people to come and gather if they want to learn more relating to sustainability as well as meet some people and do some networking,” said Andrew Spiers, Assistant Professor in the Department of Tourism & Environment at Brock. “We are hoping for a broad base of people to show up to promote a variety of opinions and perspectives".

Four speakers will be delivering their perspectives at the seminar, which will take place over two and half hours in the afternoon.

The seminar will be followed by light refreshments. The free seminar will take place at Rodman Hall, 109 Saint Paul Crescent, St. Catharines, Jan. 30 from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. For more information, please visit our Web site



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