ArcGIS - HELP Contacts

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ArcGIS - HELP Contacts

To request a copy of ArcGIS, a valid Brock I.D. is required.

Faculty and staff:
Submit request via the webform IT Request or email

Library staff:
Submit request to the Library Systems Helpdesk or email

Submit request to the Map, Data & GIS Library (MC-C306) in person, by email: or phone 905.688.5550 x.5890

Technical HELP

For basic GIS help, in-course instruction and curriculum, contact:
Map, Data & GIS Library, Room MC C306, 905.688.5550 x.5890

For advanced GIS analysis, processing and research help, contact:
Marilyne Jollineau, Dept. of Geography, MC C325, 905.688.5550 x.4556

For software installations issues, contact:
IT Help Desk located in the Campus Bookstore, ph. 905.688.5550 x.4357 or report the problem via webform IT Request or email:

Library staff report the problem via the Library Systems Help Desk or email:

To register for a course in Virtual Campus
Select a course from the Virtual Campus Training Catalog, contact code administrator (MDGL) with your Brock email address. You will receive a unique code allowing you to register and by-pass the registration fee. Each course will require a new code.

Map, Data & GIS Library, Room MC C306, 905.688.5550 x.5890,



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