Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Library Workstations

James A. Gibson Library

Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Library Workstations


These Guidelines are based on "Academic Computing Information" found in the Brock University Undergraduate Calendar and through the Information Technology Services web page.

Rights & Responsibilities

The resources and services of the James A. Gibson Library exist primarily to support the research and study needs of the academic community. Beyond this purpose, it is recognized that there is a legitimate need to offer some of its resources and services, depending on licence agreements, to members of the general public who have no formal connection with the University. These Guidelines are intended to act as guiding principles for the use of all Library workstations and resources.

James A. Gibson Library Rights & Responsibilities

  • To collect and provide access to research materials in all formats.
  • To ensure that reasonable safeguards are in place to protect the privacy of library users.
  • To advise users of their rights and responsibilities in the use of Library computer equipment.
  • To provide user assistance and training as time and staff permit.
  • To create an environment of free inquiry.

Users' Rights & Responsibilities

  • To understand that Library workstations are intended for research purposes.
  • To use Library resources in a responsible manner considering respect for the working environment of others.
  • To be aware that academic use of Library workstations has priority.
  • To realize that there may be copyright restrictions on certain materials. Copyright information is available on the Brock Library Webpage.
  • To understand that in accordance with Sections 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 of the Brock University Sexual Harassment Policy & Procedures, it is not permissible to send, view, or print messages or graphics that are sexually explicit or of a harassing nature using Library equipment.
  • To be aware that Library workstations are shared by people of all sensibilities. Users should be aware that others may be involuntarily exposed to what is displayed on computer screens.
  • To understand that tampering with library hardware and software is prohibited.

Consequences of Violating These Guidelines

The policies in "A Guide to Academic Computing Behaviour" found in the Brock University Undergraduate Calendar, or the Information Technology Services web page apply.

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