Mature Students

Mature Students



What is The Mature Students Program?
The Mature Students Program is a free scholastic and social association for part-time and full-time mature Brock students. Through this program, you will be part of a network of peers and have access to services specifically designed to meet your needs, which will enable you to connect beyond the classroom.
Am I a Mature Student?
If you were out of school for at least two years before attending university, you qualify as a Mature Student and we invite you to join us. We have members aged from 23 to 85.
How do I join?
To join us, simply send an email to and provide your name and Brock email address.
What will happen once I join?
As a member of the Mature Students Program you will have access to free academic support and you will be invited to a variety of social events. You will receive emails informing you about important upcoming events at Brock such as the Speaker Series, Brock’s Film Series, workshops, lectures of particular interest, what’s happening at the Sean O’Sullivan and David S. Howes’ Theatres and other events in the Brock community.
What academic support is offered to Mature Students?
Through the Mature Students Program we can arrange:
·         special workshops (if you are unable to attend those scheduled by A-Z Learning Services)
·         workshops of specific interest to mature students (e.g., negotiating SAKAI, accessing your Brock email account from home, etc.)
·         one-on-one consultations
·         tutoring assistance
What social activities are offered for Mature Students?
·         Mature Students Coffee Club
·         Visits to places of local interest such as wineries and craft farms
·         Cultural opportunities (the Niagara Symphony and other concerts, operas, art exhibits, etc.) in the Niagara Region (Sean O’Sullivan Theatre, Rodman Hall and other Downtown venues, Roselawn, Niagara Art Centre, etc.)
·         Hike some of the local natural treasures: Niagara Gorge, Short Hills Provincial Park, Bruce Trail etc.
·         BBQs, lunches, and dinners
Have suggestions for other activities?
Email with your suggestion, your name, and Brock email address.


If you are interested in signing up for our Newsletters please contact us:

This project was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Mature students having lunch

Mature students at the End-of-term Fall 2010 lunch