Faculty of Humanities


What is the difference between the levels (Level I, II, III, IV)?  
Please see the four-year plan.  The lecture series and workshops will change from year to year, bringing in different speakers and topics.

Do entering students participate in volunteer placements?

Volunteer activities for entering students will be at the discretion of the Music Ed Plus committee.

Are there assignments in Music Ed Plus?
There are no formal assignments; however, a monthly reflection journal written by the student about their volunteer experiences will be discussed on a regular basis.  
Are you graded in Music Ed Plus?
There will not be any grades assigned to any part of Music Ed Plus; however, only completed requirements will be documented on your Music Ed Plus transcript.  Supervisors of your volunteer placement will complete a “Student Performance Evaluation” and the Experience Plus “Employability Skills Checklist” when you are finished your placement.
How much time is required for Music Ed Plus?
Music Ed Plus students do an average of 6 hours of programming per week (less during heavy academic workload times).  This includes approximately 2 hours of volunteer work; 2 hours of Wednesday Forums (4:30-6:30 p.m.) consisting of lectures and workshops; and, 2 hours of chamber music rehearsal time.  During each semester there may also be a few masterclasses and concerts.  
From September 1 to August 31 you will be required to complete at least a total of 50 hours of volunteer work.  
Can I complete my 50 hours of Volunteer Work from May-August?
Yes, depending on the type of volunteer placement, you might be able to complete these hours during the summer months and in your hometown.
Do you have to attend all Music Ed Plus programming?
You are required to participate in the full curriculum: 
  • volunteer placement, 
  • Wednesday Forums from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
  • chamber music ensemble rehearsals and performances, and,
  • other events as listed on the Music Ed Plus weekly schedule
How much are the Music Ed Plus fees? 
Students accepted into the program must pay a fee of $475/year [billed in early August to the student's account].
How do I apply to Music Ed Plus? What is the application deadline?
Applications for the Music Ed Plus program are due June 5, 2015.  To apply, you must complete the online application.  
How long should my application be?
It is important to remember that the admissions committee uses this information to determine your suitability for the program. However, each question is limited to 250 words. Therefore, your answers should be informative, but succinct.
 Do you have my transcripts from my application to Brock or do I need to send them again?  
You do not need to send in your transcripts.
Can I apply to Music Ed Plus before I am accepted as a music major into Brock University? 
Yes. You do not need to receive your letter of acceptance from the Department of Music at Brock before you apply to the Music Ed Plus program. We encourage applicants to complete the application process as early as possible. Acceptance into the Music Ed Plus program will be dependent on your acceptance as a music major at Brock.
Do I have to do 50 volunteer hours each year, or can the overall total (approx. 200 hours) be condensed into fewer years?
Minimum per year is 50 hours, but you can do more.   If you are planning on applying to a Faculty of Education you should check that Faculty of Ed for their specific requirements.  Each university has different requirements concerning volunteer hours.
Can I do more volunteer hours in one year and fewer in the next?
See above.
Will I need to have a Police Vulnerable Sector Check done?
If you plan on working with children in your volunteer placement, the volunteer organization (School Board, Musical Organization, etc.) will require you to do a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.  As soon as you are assigned to a volunteer placement by the Music Ed Plus committee it is advisable that you consult the placement supervisor to find out exactly what they require in terms of a Police Check.  If you do this Check over the summer you will be able to start your placement immediately in September without delay.  Police Checks can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to be processed.