Inservice Tuition and Related Fees

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Inservice Tuition and Related Fees

Student fees that may be assessed through your financial account with the University will include but may not necessarily be limited to the following basic fee categories:
2016 Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter ('17) Tuition & Material/Online Support Fees-there is no change from the 2015 academic year, fees remain the same.
Basic fees for inservice courses include tuition, as well as a material/online support fee, as listed below:

Material Fee (class based only)**subject to change
Total Fees**subject to change based on Material fees)
Tech Courses (Those with course numbers 9G##)
EDUC 9F14 Vocal Music $685 $215** $900**
All other AQ courses

Payment Date
SPRING IS/AQ 2016 MAY 2, 2016

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