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Hire a co-op student: Support your own community!

 You are invited to recruit our bright, highly motivated co-op students for the May 2015 work term!

 Hiring a Brock co-op student is an easy way to support student development and get access to top quality students.  Co-op students are excellent choices for any summer or contract opportunity you may have available.  Co-op students can be found working on campus in various roles from research and marketing assistants to web support technicians and accounting students.  Our co-op students are a cost-effective way to staff any opportunity you may have available.

 When you hire a co-op student, you contribute to the health and well-being of Niagara Region and you are providing an opportunity to a student who requires work experience in order to continue in their program of study.  Many of our co-op students have expressed interest in working at Brock University.   Please consider your employment needs and how a Brock Co-op student may be of assistance – we are confident that you will be impressed with the contribution a Brock Co-op student could make!

 Hire the best - Features of Brock’s Co-op Program

  • Co-op program enrolment is reserved to students who meet rigorous standards for acceptance
  • In most programs, students complete 2 full years of academic study prior to embarking on their first work term.
  • Mandatory participation in weekly employment readiness workshops prepares students for the work world.
  • The length of a typical work term is 4 months in duration, however, 8 and 12-month terms may be possible in many cases.

Save time, Save money - Recruiting a Brock co-op is easy and cost efficient recruitment strategy; follow these simple steps:


1.    Email your job posting as an attachment to co-op@brocku.ca. Alternatively, you may choose to create an employer account on-line via CareerZone; https://careerzone.brocku.ca/employer/register.htm. One of our Relationship Managers will follow up with you within 48 business hours.  If you would like assistance, please call 905-688-5550 ext 4325 and we will help you prepare a job description.

 2.    The Co-op Office can forward students’ résumés to you for review. Contact the office with the shortlist of candidates you wish to interview so that we can arrange interview schedules and facilities for you.

3.    For your convenience, job offers can be made through the Co-op Office immediately following the interview.

 4.    Once the student is hired, you enter the contract into Brock’s contract system.

Students are available across a variety of disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Adult Education
  • Business Administration – Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain & Operational Management, Business Administration Co-op International Dual Degree program with the EBS Business School, Germany
  • Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Physics
  • Business Economics, Economics, Master of Business Economics
  • Computing and Business, Computing and Solid-State Device Technology, Computing and Network Communications
  • Earth Sciences – Environmental Geosciences stream
  • Fine Arts – Dramatic Literature, Drama in Education, Theatre
  • Kinesiology
  • Labour Studies
  • Master of Accountancy and Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Arts History and Bachelor of Arts History
  • Master of Sustainability and the Environment
  • Mathematics Integrated with Computer Applications
  • Oenology and Viticulture
  • Political Science – Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Tourism Management

Recruitment Timeline:

  • The following timeline will assist you in planning for the May 215 work term. We encourage you to submit your job posting as soon as possible to ensure your position is maximizing its visibility to all available co-op students. 




Summer Term


Fall Term


Winter Term


May – Aug

Sep – Dec

Jan – Apr


Jan - Feb

May - Jun

Sep - Oct


Feb - March

Jun – Jul

Oct - Nov


Satisfied on campus employers describe their Brock Co-op experience:

 “Hiring a Brock co-op student is an excellent way to solve the need for more resources in times when it is not possible to hire additional permanent full time staff.  We were able to hire highly motivated students who turned out to be valuable members of our team. The Co-op Office provides the necessary support to ensure a smooth hiring process while leaving the final selection of the most suitable candidate to you”.

     Meredith Heaney, Coordinator, International Exchanges and Partnerships


“We have been thrilled with the co-op students that we have hired through Brock Co-op. All of our Co-op students have exceeded our expectations and been a great asset to our team. The co-op students have been quick to pick up new tasks, take initiative working on new projects and always up for a new challenge.”

     Cassie Price, BioLinc Coordinator, Goodman School of Business


“The history co-op student I worked with was energetic, motivated, and insightful. Her appreciation of historical ideas, and admittedly nerdy interest in historical research, allowed me to expand the scope of my own work. Since I was able to give her increasingly more complex tasks, I could broaden my research and simultaneously dig deeper into the project.  Having a competent student who was eager to learn through doing provided a satisfying combination of mentoring and scholarship.”

      Dan Malleck, PhD, Associate Professor (Medical History), Department of Health Sciences



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