Armin Begic Q & A

Co-op Programs

Armin Begic Q & A

Sector and Job description:

Account Manager, Market Research: Responsible for managing the Small Appliance business unit at the NPD Group.

Where is your hometown?

St. Catharines

How did you benefit from the co-op program?

The experienced I gained by working at large multinationals as a student has allowed me to fast-track my career by at least 5 years.

Best memory of your time at Brock University?

I loved the university extracurricular activities. I met a lot of good people and it was a great stress reliever.

 Advice to current co-op students?

Try to get the most out of every day you spend on your work term. Proactively expose yourself to as many facets of the business as you can because it will only benefit you down the road. Be a sponge!

Future career goals and aspirations?

Since I am passionate about consumer behaviour I would like to become a director of consumer insights at a multinational in the next 5 years.